I really like Vegan cooking

vegan cooking recipes

Vegan cooking

This is a joyous way of eating. From selecting your ingredients to preparing and then savoring the real natural taste of the ingredients. Vegan food goes from cooking to not cooking and it is all good.

It’s really not so hard to get accustomed to. The problem is that for many of us it is so difficult to get the range of items that you want without breaking the bank!!

Why is organic food so blooming expensive!! One way I have dealt with this is to order a weekly basket of fruit and vegetables from the farm and stick to this faithfully.

Anyway getting back to the recopies, if you have children they will love eating naturally. Start with the healthy breakfast options. I have here a couple sites and I will be adding much more


French Toast Vanilla Muffins


Healthy No Bake Carrot Cake Breakfast Bars

As he says, desert for breakfast is a great way to go.

Here is another

Banana Everything Cookies Means They Are Vegan and Healthy. . .Sort Of


It gets even better. Try a smoothie with fruits and vegetables.

I must admit that rawlicious is kinda different. I found this fantastic restaurant the other day. I just had to add to my blog of great vegan places to eat. They have a great raw box which they will deliver.

They are right here in Markham.

This is chickpea flour instead of wheat flour. It’s high protein and delicious. Vegan cooking is usually quick and to the point. It’s the combination that counts. Just think breakfast or lunch. It works!

Here goes another great recipe

MBG says “A mono-meal is a meal made up of just one type of fruit. I know, this sounds crazy, right? Well, fruit mono-meals are perfect for breakfast, in my opinion!

The simpler our meals are, the easier they are for us to digest. A meal of just one food is the easiest on digestion. This is very important in the morning because our digestion needs to “woken up” a bit before we begin to eat other heavier foods throughout the day.

Simply pick your favorite fruit and eat as much as you’d like. You’ll be surprised! Mono-meals are some of the most satisfying meals I’ve ever had! Some of the best fruits to mono-meal on for breakfast include melons, mangoes, papaya, oranges, and grapes”.

Happy Vegan cooking! Happy Vegan eating!!

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