Recycling for Earth Day & Beyond


Mom Bloggers Club invites us to Recycle Now and always

Mom Bloggers Club realises that it’s easy to plant trees and donate to eco-friendly organizations on Earth Day. But how about making a lifestyle decision to celebrate our planet every day?

This is a special note to all Parents especially those who are so on top of what is right.

The TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box enables you to recycle almost anything and everything in your home, effortlessly. Simply pick a waste stream that you choose for recycling (this can be broad like all plastic packaging, or it can even be specific, like coffee capsules).

Then, use promo code MOMCLUB to earn 20% off and start recycling today!

Select your Zero Waste Box, fill it up with qualifying waste, and then send it back to TerraCycle using the shipping label that’s already included on your box. TerraCycle will recycle everything you send in – it’s that easy! Sound too good to be true? Try it out with our promo code MOMCLUB and tell us what you think!

Living in Canada? Be sure to order from the Canadian site

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Thanks Mom Bloggers Club for this recycling invite sent to my email!

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