Cover Reveal! Rockstar Mom: 7 Ways To Be The Greatest Mom Ever!

For all my treasured readers. Don’t you love cover reveals? Here is the sneak peak that has inside a wonderful book. But not unitl that special day.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the dynamic cover of Dr. Eleanor’s upcoming book for all Moms, Rockstar Mom: 7 Ways To Be The Greatest Mom Ever. The first in a two part series for Moms.



See what’s inside the book

There are 7 areas of family life that Dr Eleanor tells you to have in your parenting toolkit so that you can be the Rockstar you want to be or the Rockstar you know you are. Here are 4 more things you will learn.


About the Celebrity Moms you love. Here are some thoughts from them as they work at being Rockstar Moms also


3 Great Parenting Giveaways for FREE!


A special Bonus for Mothers of preschoolers-what to look for as you grow the self confidence of your child


Learn the secret of Serene Sleep.


For all you Moms to be the Rockstar you know you are

Our Online Launch date is set for Friday June 30th to Tuesday 4th July 2017

Sooo,  keep an eye out for the online launch as the invitations will soon be out. Olga Kurkina put a lot of work into this cover as we wanted all mothers from all walks of life to feel a part of this.

About the author: Dr. Eleanor Wint now resident in Canada, was born and raised in Jamaica West Indies. She has been travelling the world since a teenager. Her studies have been in the USA and the West Indies

Writing this book, she draws on over 25 years of living in and studying cultures all over the world, working with families in all walks of life in the Caribbean, the USA, West and East Africa. To her families are the same all over the world, all determined to bring up their children to be successful adults in a constantly changing world.

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