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Growing Food from the Old Farmers Almanac while I write

I am an author and I like to grow food. My latest book is “Rockstar Mom: 7 Ways To Be […]

Rockstar Mom Eleanor loves the orchestra!

What is an orchestra? The Qxr blog tell us ” Generally speaking, an orchestra is a group of musicians who […]

Rockstar Mom – FREE Infographic Download

7 Ways You are a Rockstar Mom! This Rockstar Mom FREE  infographic Download says it all. 7 insights that make sure […]

Defining Family: two things about

Defining family. Family is so many things. Why is family so important and when we say family, what do we […]

We need Family & Family-Time

It’s all about Family and Family-Time.  We all use the word family so  many times in our lives. What we […]

7 Unsung Milestones of Motherhood

I got this motherhood article from , written by By Kerry Lyons. I thought I would edit it a bit […]

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