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Recycling for Earth Day & Beyond

Mom Bloggers Club invites us to Recycle Now and always Mom Bloggers Club realises that it’s easy to plant trees […]

3 Awesome tricks to Hold her Attention

So you are at your wits end. You are talking, talking  and she is just not listening? What can I […]

Back to school 2016 – listening to your kids

Back to school advice is easy to give but not so easy to follow This advice is about listening to […]

Back to school 2016 – 6 year old self-confidence

Back to school again or the first time? Whichever it is it’s special. Back to school in 2016 gives us […]

Am I a bad Mom, a bad Dad? 2 Reasons why you think so!

Do you feel sometimes like you are the worst parent ever? Well stop it NOW!! Yes there are certain rules […]

Ways to build your granddaughter’s self confidence in one day

It was a sunny morning, those ones that are hot before they get started. It was a day with a […]

5 ways to build your kids self confidence

Parents, caregivers, grandparents, Dads, Moms, if your child believes in himself or herself you have a winner. As adults we […]

Awesome kids video: preschoolers building self-confidence!

Children of this age show a lot of patience with their own baby sisters or baby brothers. It’s always surprising […]

Moms and Dads parent differently

I have a chapter in my book “I Like Me”  dedicated to Dads and Grandparents. It amazes me that people […]

Worst Parents Ever !

Do you feel sometimes like you are the worst parents ever? Like when beginning your first parenting adventure or when […]

5 Tips for Listening to Mother!

Are you sitting comfortably? Getting preschoolers into listening to Mother needs some Tips! (Listen with Mother was a BBC radio […]

GoGo (Grandma) is travelling ..winding down

Gabrielle here, still blogging about grandma travelling and the effect on her granddaughter. It’s been a while now and it […]

GoGo (Grandma) don’t cry- still travelling

This picture is not my granddaughter but it’s such a right picture. Introspective, sad but it’s passing… My guest blogger […]

GoGo(grandma) is travelling – Part 3

  Too Far Away – My daughter’s mantra since her grandmother went on this journey has been “mummy, gogo is […]

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