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Venus Williams: 3 outstanding characteristics of being Woman, Athlete, Entrepreneur

We all know Venus Williams Who is Venus Williams is a redundant question. In an article in NY Times we […]

SH.I.N.E. & Reduce Stress-You and Your children

“4 Amazing Opportunities for Moms”, continues to reduce stress on Facebook with hosts Eleanor Wint and Debbie Pokornik. It’s great […]

Am I too old to have a baby? Another baby…..

There is so much out there putting the fear of everything in us older women. Always telling us we are […]

Three Thanksgiving craft ideas for preschoolers

Hi. Gabrielle here. Here are three great Thanksgiving craft ideas. Given that Dr Eleanor has a preschool age granddaughter everyone […]

I May Not Be Perfect But there’s lots of me that’s Pretty Awesome!

My mom has passed the baton of blogging on to me! My first reaction was how can I ever do […]

There is no one like you. You ARE ONE of a Kind. You are special!

I just came across this and I have to share. Andre says it all because if we don’t believe in […]


Grandmothers are really special people. She misses me and it brings her closer to her Mom.

My 2 year old toddler says I love you

Two years ago we published this blog. It says so much let’s read again! 2 year old says I Love […]

Alternative Parenting GoGo(grandma) is travelling – Part 1

Alternative parenting via skype and google talk is the route to go. For the next few weeks I have a […]

God is watching over you Mr Mandela

Janet Carr @  It’s a long journey and the world is praying that it continues because this man is […]

Powerful women in Music and beyond

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S FORUM (IWF) is a powerhouse of women all over the world. 2013 it was powerful women in music. […]

Mother’s Day Love

  NYA AKOMA Here’s what Values of Adinkra Symbols  has to say: The heart is believed to be responsible for a […]

Moms are blessed!

Ella Weatherspoon points out: Woman if you have a spouse who is in the household and he is a good […]

It’s been so long!

that I have posted. It’s all good tho as I am completing my book and making all those invaluable  links […]

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