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Outdoor Games for Children like Brain Freeze

It’s turning into Spring. Hurrah! Time for outdoor games. We were beginning to think winter would never leave. It hasn’t […]

How to achieve Awesome preschooler self-confidence

Moms, Dads it’s summer and it’s fast finishing!! Got to make the most of it. Build self-confidence in the preschooler. […]

Ways to build your granddaughter’s self confidence in one day

It was a sunny morning, those ones that are hot before they get started. It was a day with a […]

5 ways to build your kids self confidence

Parents, caregivers, grandparents, Dads, Moms, if your child believes in himself or herself you have a winner. As adults we […]

Awesome kids video: preschoolers building self-confidence!

Children of this age show a lot of patience with their own baby sisters or baby brothers. It’s always surprising […]

Introducing Technology To Children At Early Age Is Better

As a grandmother and an advocate for technology, I believe that introducing children and grandchildren to technology at a young age […]

Children’s toys-Multipurpose

Multipurpose toys are the best for advancement of the kids mind There are a lot of children’s toys out there but […]

Fun Learning: Riddles for Kids

4 Ways How Riddles for Kids become fun learning Fun is important for kids as they learn. When a child learns […]

My preschooler in summer

I titled this little fellow, my preschooler. It’s summer now and this is when you appreciate the parks and community […]

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