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I know the Best Ways To Help Your Tween or Teen Get Through Anxiety

“I know the Best Ways To Help Your Tween or Teen Get Through Anxiety”, is a contribution written by a […]

Learning from Parents and Teachers…which way do I go??

Well, we have been at it since September. By now we should know the names of all the teachers, the […]

Rockstar Mom Eleanor loves the orchestra!

What is an orchestra? The Qxr blog tell us ” Generally speaking, an orchestra is a group of musicians who […]

Gratitude: beyond March Break

SH.I.N.E. & Reduce Stress-You and Your children

“4 Amazing Opportunities for Moms”, continues to reduce stress on Facebook with hosts Eleanor Wint and Debbie Pokornik. It’s great […]

Diet for Women on the Go-2 minutes read for stress reduction

A quick few comments on Diet for women on the go You are either a stay at home Mom or […]

Triumph Over Stress Part One-3 minutes read for reducing stress

Seasons Greetings everyone. It’s great to be here for our series on Secrets of Resiliency & Believing in You. This […]

Secrets to Stress Reduction & Building the Inner Strength

As the holiday approaches, Moms often get more stressed. This is not surprising especially as the responsibility for the child’s […]

Christmas, Cancer and Food

This is an extremely good article on cancer especially at this holiday time. Everyone should read it. AFTER YEARS OF […]

Overcoming hate: Increasing resilience

Debbie wrote an article on resiliency which is below. I like this article . For me overcoming hate leads to […]

Children’s clothing online: Join the big business!!

Get in on the Big Business Of Children’s Clothing! I didn’t realize the magnitude of the children’s clothing industry until […]

Am I too old to have a baby? Another baby…..

There is so much out there putting the fear of everything in us older women. Always telling us we are […]

Ways to build your granddaughter’s self confidence in one day

It was a sunny morning, those ones that are hot before they get started. It was a day with a […]

Introducing Technology To Children At Early Age Is Better

As a grandmother and an advocate for technology, I believe that introducing children and grandchildren to technology at a young age […]

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