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5 Easy Ways For Parents to Help Their Children Feel Awesome About Themselves

I Like Me-Whether you are a stay-at-home Dad, a grandparent, a single-Mom weathering the storm, a Mom who needs a refresher course or a Mom coping with a new culture, this BOOK gives you a real lift! Easy to read, full of tips and activities, for all caregivers. Even has pull outs inside that you can keep as reminders of the learning. The SHINE technique has its own pull out.

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Fireman Sam child safety week

FIREMAN SAM launches summer safety! #safekids20  for Child Safety Week 2016 #childsafetyweek.  Fireman Sam, the ultimate Hero Next Door, has launched a nationwide campaign to highlight the importance of keeping safe this summer, in partnership with Child Safety Week 6th-12th June. This started in the UK raising awareness of child-related accidents and how they can be prevented.

FIREMAN SAM says ”  Make sure that your barbecue is placed on a flat surface so it stays in place once it’s lit.” Great advice.!

And parents remember to check out I Like Me  5 Easy ways for Parents to help their Children Feel Awesome about Themselves.




Celebrating World Book Day


It’s World Book Day! #worldbookday. Check out I Like Me as a new book to read. You can also view the Prezi Version. This book is perfect for kids and parents looking to boost Self-confidence and growth.

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