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How does anti-stress coloring work?

One of the first psychologists to apply coloring as a relaxation technique was Carl G. Jüng in the early 20th century. He used shapes from the Indian experience where they have a lot of circles and unusual forms. There is of course some science to all this discussion of stress relief and coloring as there are different places in the brain which become over active when one is stressed. The coloring definitely has an effect because when we color we zero in on specific elements in the picture.

What Happens?

Some scientists suggest that we stop worrying because we feel good about something that we used to do as children. Well I am not too sure about this as not all childhoods are perfect. I can’t even remember coloring as a child. But it certainly gives you a feeling of simplicity because you are doing something that only children seem to be doing. You are engaged in an activity which is outside of your usual mind range. In other words you are not thinking of anything besides choosing a color, deciding where to color, making sure you stay within the lines, and so often going around some sort of a circle. But you have to stay with the picture.

In anti-stress coloring for adults I think also there is the choice of crayons. I notice there are different types of crayons nowadays and each one seems to do different things. Some just spread easily like a gel or some sort of fluid surface. Others are like pencil crayons that do lines. Some are like pastel markers. I really do not know all of them but am in total awe of the range of so-called crayons.

If you are one of those high-tension energy-bursting people then you go at this full speed and create an awesome picture in no time. Others like me who seem to take all day to accomplish anything go more slowly painstakingly and get there at a slower pace. It doesn’t really matter its’ all about completing the picture to where you feel and where it gives you the greatest picture of relaxation.

This is how the anti-stress coloring really works. These coloring pictures can definitely be used for de-stressing especially in a world where sometimes you just need 2 minutes literally to clear the mind and slow down , close out others.

Go ahead. Have Fun! And remember it’s all about experiencing the value of anti-stress coloring!!

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