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A Bit About EAW Publications

EAW Publications is dedicated to enriching the lives of parents, children, and families. I started out on a journey a number of years ago and I am finally bringing it all together.

Find varying types of writing from parenting books, books for children, stories and other published articles. The site is filled with content to help you (parents and kids) boost self-worth and self-confidence. The more you learn the more you can grow your child’s self-confidence for their growth. It’s natural.

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If You’re Ready

EAW Publications – Do not hesitate to connect with me. Start reading the articles around the site and get familiar. If you come across something interesting, lets have a chat and discuss it.

At EAW Publications we have been writing stories and blogs for kids, but we are putting together some new content for moms will soon include other writers to help you Moms, Dads, Grandparents and all you awesome caregivers. These publications range from academic articles.

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Free E-Book

The free e-book “How to Stop Your Child From Whining” is simple and easy to understand. Whining is a normal part of your child’s development, but sometimes it gets out of hand. Learn how to curb the behaviour, understand your child, and help your child understand themselves with this free download. The e-book is built around feeling awesome! Awesome means clear communication without feeling frustrated. These lessons will help you reduce the frustrations for you and your child.

5 Steps To Curing Whining

Recent Publication

My recent book “I Like Me”  is a great book for newbie parents as well as oldsters. It features the SHINE technique S=Self Concept building, H=Holistic Parenting,  I= Investing Yourself, N= Nurturing your child (and Yourself),  E= Experience Love . It’s a win-win affair. Different book stores have it at different prices and it is now available on Kindle Select. I think the  paperback allows you to try out all the activities!!! I developed this acronym with the help of Mrs Ruth Fevrier from St. Lucia using the developmental goals from the Caribbean and Canada.

EAW Publications Presents I Like Me

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